129 Building in God


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Episode 129 Building in God

When writing to the Corinthians, Paul said that he had laid a foundation, and that those who followed him should be careful how they build. What does it mean to build in God? How do we know that we are building on the right foundation and that our building is approved by God? What it means to build in the natural is obvious, but spiritual building is more difficult to discern. There is much religious activity around us but not all of it is spiritual building according to God’s plan. Today we want to look at what it means to “build in God.” Building is more than just having meetings, preaching sermons, and associated religious activities. Spiritual building results in Christ being formed in each member and an expression of Christ in a gathering of believers.

  • Building on the foundation (Christ)
  • Building according to the plan of God
  • In Christ (union)
  • Living Stones
  • Spiritual relationships (together)
  • Christ as Head (authority)
  • No mixture (natural and spiritual)
  • Requires revelation
  • With purpose in eternity

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