123 Commitment without Compromise


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Episode 123 Commitment without Compromise

If our heart is to know God then we are looking for reality, not just words. Jesus came that we may have life and bring us into the reality of fellowship with God. To experience this fellowship we must be committed to this relationship in faith without compromise. So many times we are familiar with spiritual concepts but lack the reality of which the words speak. The gospel which so many of us have heard all of our lives leaves us with lofty spiritual ideas, but falls short of bringing us into the reality of the words. To stay in this condition is deception leading to disaster in one way or another. To be the spiritual men and women that we desire and God desires, God must be in control in all things.

Today we share a strong exhortation from Gordon Gentry on the way into the reality of God’s provision for us in Christ Jesus. The ministry was given in a small home fellowship in 1998. Our prayer is that God may use this in all of our lives to make the pathway clearer, be stimulated into active faith, and experience the riches of God’s grace for His purpose and glory.

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