121 Redeemed for God's Purpose, not ours


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Episode121 Redeemed for God’s purpose, not ours

When we first came to the Lord, our focus was on our need of deliverance from sin. But God did not redeem us just so that we could live a better life. Rather He redeemed us for His eternal purpose. Have we let God shift our focus? So often we just think about our needs and how God can meet those needs. When we think about it carefully, we may start to see how selfish we really are. As we mature God wants to shift that focus so that we are here on this earth for Him and His purpose. His promise is that as we seek His kingdom first (His sovereign rule) and partake of His righteous in Christ Jesus, then He will take care of our needs. Have we let that truth sink into our hearts to the point that it controls our thoughts and very core of our actions?

Today we share some encouragement in that direction that was recently given in a small home fellowship in preparation for remembering the Lord. Our prayer is that God will work in all of our hearts to deliver us from a life of self-centeredness into a Christ centered life for His purpose and glory. It cost God the death of Christ at Calvary to make this possible. May the Lord reveal afresh to all of us the greatness of His love and mercy that has been extended to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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