Blueprint for a Book Extravaganza: How to plan a book in 10 episodes


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We made something amazing. It’s called the Blueprint for a Book Summer Challenge, and it’s coming your way starting July 1, 2022 in the form of 10 episodes that could guide you through the steps for a creating a blueprint for the book you’ll write this fall—or for revising the one that’s just not quite coming together.
The episodes will all drop into your pod-player just as they always do—and they’re great listens whether you’re ready to work through the Blueprint or just starting to think about what your book might look like when you are. But if you’re thinking about going ALL-IN, you’ll want to SIGN UP HERE for all the pokes and prods you’ll need to really get this done, and to be entered to win a free critique from Jennie or KJ of the Blueprint you write.
Come on, play with us. Come September, you’ll be glad you did.
PS: Already ready? No need for a Blueprint because you’ve already built the house? Author Accelerator has opened registration for the 2022 Manuscript Incubator, an intensive, 7 month coaching opportunity that offers one-one-one support and guidance for novelists and memoirists planning to have a submission-ready project by early 2023—and includes the opportunity to have that project reviewed by a group of agents and editors when it’s ready. For more information, head to
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