November 2022: Leveraging Large-Scale Genetics of PTSD and Cardiovascular Disease to Demonstrate Robust Shared Risk and Improve Risk Prediction Accuracy


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Dr. Antonia Seligowski (McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School) discusses how significant genetic correlations were identified between PTSD and cardiovascular disease as well as support for a causal link from PTSD to hypertension and coronary artery disease. Afterwards, AJP Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ned Kalin discusses the rest of the November issue and what draws it together.

  • Seligowski interview [00:50]
  • Genome-wide association studies [02:24]
  • The Mass General Brigham Biobank [03:05]
  • What were the limitations of the study? [04:05]
  • Are there current clinical implications? [05:04]
  • How does depression fit in? [06:11]
  • Are the links between PTSD and cardiovascular disease linked to associated comorbidities? [07:00]
  • What’s next for your research? [07:52]
  • Kalin interview [08:51]
  • Seligowski et al. [09:06]
  • Leone et al. [10:57]
  • Hindley et al. [13:50]
  • Lewis and Vassos [17:37]
  • Sigström et al. [18:13]
  • Brownstein et al. [20:32]
  • In summary [25:03]


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