The COVID Blueprint: The Next ’Crisis’ Globalists Will Use to Control YOU. Glenn TV.


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The COVID Blueprint: The Next 'Crisis' Globalists Will Use to Control YOU. Glenn TV.

The annual World Economic Forum meeting a couple of weeks ago coincided with the release of the WEF's 2023 Global Cybersecurity Outlook. The WEF predicted a major “catastrophic cyber event” within the next 24 months. What do WEF members know that we don’t? As cyber attacks have escalated globally, everyone from NATO to the IMF and Central Banks are conducting war games. Remember Event 201 in November 2019, where people involved with WEF and like-minded elites conducted a war game involving a coronavirus pandemic? Coincidentally, a COVID pandemic followed soon after. Everything that was war-gamed during Event 201 — lockdowns, mandates, supply chain disruptions, and vaccinations — ALL became our reality. It was probably the biggest increase in government control since the progressive era and the biggest assault on freedom in our lifetime. What are they planning for this next big catastrophe? We are one “crisis” away from the end of privacy, liberty, and free will.

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