‘Summer of Rage’: The REAL Extremists Who Threaten the Republic. Glenn TV.


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‘Summer of Rage’: The REAL Extremists Who Threaten the Republic. Glenn TV.



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We are at the precipice of the fundamental transformation of America. The radicals want to change our country, and the SCOTUS rulings on Roe v. Wade and guns will be the battle cries they use. The entire process is beginning now. It’s a top-down, bottom-up plan that includes the highest levels of government, street soldiers on the ground, and the rest of us caught in the middle while everything begins to turn inside-out. Some of the street soldiers have openly called for and committed violence and for overturning the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. But the Biden administration seems to be more concerned with Jan. 6 protesters and Donald Trump. Glenn exposes the next moves for the radical Left after Roe v Wade: the hints from the Biden administration and what that means for you and your family. Glenn also reveals what’s happening on the streets and how the leftist radicals (some who have been around since the '60s) are the ideological drivers of some of the current bottom-up activists. And after the Women’s March openly called for a "Summer of Rage" and to put "bodies on the line," Glenn asked BlazeTV contributor Delano Squires to go under cover and attend a training for protesters willing to risk arrest. He tells Glenn what he found most disturbing about the activists’ perverted sense of justice. #blazetv #glennbeck #summerofrage

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