A Must Listen! Dr. Naomi Wolf: Covid Shot CCP Bio-Weapon for Mass Genocide.


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A Must Listen! Dr. Naomi Wolf: Covid Shot CCP Bio-Weapon for Mass Genocide.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Covid Shot CCP Bio-Weapon for Mass Genocide.

By Brannon Howse Live, 30 January, 2023


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Highly recommended by ACU.

Recent books by Dr. Naomi Wolf.-

The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human. by Naomi Wolf . May 31, 2022

The Bodies of Others is about how we came to the harrowing civilizational crossroads at which we find ourselves - engaged in a war against vast impersonal forces with limitless power over our lives and which threaten the freedoms we have always taken for granted.

In her most provocative book yet, Dr. Naomi Wolf shows how these forces -- from Big Tech and Big Pharma to the CCP and our oligarchical elites -- seized upon two years of COVID-19 panic in sinister new ways, to not only undermine our Republic but to fundamentally reorient human relations.

Their target is humanity itself. Their end goal is to ensure that our pre-March 2020 world is gone forever. Irretrievable. To be replaced with a world in which all human endeavor-all human joy, all human fellowship, all human advancement, all human culture, all human song, all human drama, all worship, all surprise, all flirtation, all celebration-is behind a digital paywall. A world in which we will all have to ask technology's permission to be human.

But we, the people of the world, did not vote to abandon our old systems and destroy our old ways so absolutely they could never be recovered. And Wolf shows how, against overwhelming odds, we still might win.


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