CBS News Special: America Changed Forever 04/15


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This week on America: Changed Forever, the continuing atrocities in Ukraine. As calls for war crimes prosecutions are only getting louder, we will hear from Michael Sharp, the Dean of Case Western Reserve School of Law. In 2008, he served as special assistant to the prosecutor of the Cambodia Genocide Tribunal. We will also analyze what is Russia's end game. In Ukraine, Putin's military has suffered losses and has at times looked defeated, but reports now suggest that the focus of the Russian military is in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Long time national security analyst Dr. Kevin Generous, an associate professor at the National Defense University's Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, shares his views of how Putin’s game plan will un-spool. And, recently House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi tested positive for COVID as did Attorney General, Merrick Garland as U.S. officials have extended the travel mass mandate through May 3rd. WE will hear from Dr. Mel Herbert a Professor of Emergency Medicine, about whether or not COVID is in the downswing and if you should receive the new Covid Vaccine Booster.

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