5 Errors to Avoid When You Start Selling on a New e-Commerce Channel


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Multi-channel marketing is all the rage. Most smart e-commerce entrepreneurs know that having one e commerce sales channel is an unacceptable concentration risk for their business. Launching a new ecommerce sales channel seems like the obvious answer. And, just to be clear, we think it is! However, launching a new sales channel or launching a product on a new e commerce marketplace is not without its challenges. Seeing the logic in starting a new sales channel is one thing. But making it work in practice is another. The main thing is to not fall into some classic traps. In today’s show, we discuss 5 classic traps (and one “bonus trap”) that e-commerce operators fall into when starting up a new e commerce sales channel. And of course, we discuss how to avoid those mistakes. What you’ll learn Why all sales channels are not born equal How amazon.com (US) is different from say amazon.it Some critical differences between Etsy and Shopify How the Math of profitability varies between platforms Some client examples of wrong strategies – and what works best instead How Jason and Cinnamon got 50X the price the competition got – from off-platform marketing! The critical error marketers make when planning the time & effort needed to launch a new sales channel When outsourcing to an expert helps – and when it’s a trap (or worse!) Why smart eCommerce entrepreneurs end up discounting their own knowledge The 3 foundations you need to put in place before you launch a new e commerce sales channel How to maximise the chances of success with a new e commerce channel The thing you need to do first before you even start something new Resources Real Real Poshmark Fbmarketplace Offerup Teachable/Kajabi

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