Interview with Nancy Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC


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Interview with Nancy Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC

How to be a compliance expert?

Nancy Beckley shares her expertise on this field and shares her experience throughout the years in her career as a compliance expert.

Let’s learn and explore more about healthcare compliance.

In this episode:
02:10 – QOTD “Be yourself, no one else is qualified.”
03:50 – Intro of Nancy Beckley.
06:00 – Who is Nancy Beckley and her career journey?
12:00 – Adapt and adjust to improve in this evolving world. – Dr. Mike
13:50 – How and where can you get a healthcare compliance certification?
25:50 – Nancy stresses the importance of finding your niche.
26:15 – The MENTOR method.
30:00 – Question: What should a small to medium-sized outpatient company do to start with compliance?
30:10 – Nancy answers the question gives helpful tips on how to start and acquire with compliance.
38:05 – Therapists understanding a solid evaluation is a vital step on having a good therapy compliance program.
41:55 – In compliance, there is a tight circle of collegiality.
47:35 – What was her biggest challenge as a compliance expert and how did she turn it around?
49:30 – Nancy’s advice – start writing and speaking.
58:25 – Always remember the word FAST.

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