40 Alpha Pod Flight Issue 102 Douglas Noble


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Rejoined by Douglas Noble and we talk about all sorts of stuff, including the fact that Douglas can only tell the Alpha Flight team apart if they're wearing different clothes to each other, which in this they're mostly not. Alpha Pod Flight, Copyright 2019 Gareth A Hopkins Alpha Flight cover image borrowed from marvel.wikia.com Alpha Flight and all related characters are copyright Marvel or Disney. Deffo not me, pal. The version of 'Oh Canada!' used in this podcast can be found at this address: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwDvF0NtgdU Disclaimer: The host of this podcast (Gareth A Hopkins) is a *fan of* the material he talks about and not an *expert on* it. Many of things stated as facts might be pure fabricated bullshit, and will probably reveal said host to be a bit of a bellend. Don't mind him. If you have any comments please email gareth@grthink.com

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