The Best Stocks For 2023


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The best stocks for 2023 and more importantly why based on what all companies have in common: their PL, Cashflow Statement and Balance Sheet plus the movements in their stock prices.

The podcast will show you how to avoid the common mistakes investors make I have observed over the past 20+ years (over-complication, lack of focus, small pool to select from, buying stories not data etc) and how we whittled down 10,000 companies to the 'winning' 70.

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This podcast covers

  • Best Stocks Narrowed Down
  • Biggest Mistakes I've Observed Among Investors
  • Problem People Are Facing This Year - With Apple In Context
  • First Mistake: Not Doing Proper and Quick Analysis
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Which Stocks Meet The Criteria
  • What's Your Risk Appetite?
  • Which Stocks Fit Our Profile at The Moment
  • How Do You Mitigate Risks
  • Second Mistake: Not Looking At The Bigger Picture of Headwinds/Tailwinds
  • Look at the S&P 500
  • Paralysis Through Analysis
  • Look For Companies That Are Undervalued and Meet Other Criteria Too
  • Third Mistake: Not Having A Systematic Goal
  • Typical Stocks on Filtered Lists And Holding For 12 Months
  • The Systematic Goal
  • What Stocks Could Fit The Profile and Do They Deliver
  • Inflation and It's Impact
  • Fourth Mistake: Not Having An Exit Plan
  • Other Stocks That Came Up
  • Fifth Mistake: Looking At Too Few Stocks
  • The Hidden Poverty Gap
  • Sixth Mistake: You're Paying More To Fund Managers Than You Should
  • Seventh Mistakes: Not Looking At What The Rich Insiders Are Doing
  • Leveraging on Stocks - High Risk
  • Analyse Cash Return on Capital Invested (CROCI)

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