578. Transform Your Water, Transform Your Life: The How and Why of Coherent H2O


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Here on Almost 30, we like to talk about spirituality, health, and wellness – and this fascinating conversation marries all three subjects in a way that we know you'll love.

K+L chat with Mario Brainovic of Analemma, a cosmically inspired technology company that’s on a mission to infuse consciousness (back) into all of the world’s water. We’re welcoming in some new and inspiring ideas for this one, as we do a dive deep on the research, the science, and the significance of structured water.

In short, the new information presented in this conversation will change how you see and interact with water forever. Don’t worry – it all makes perfect sense as soon as we get into it.

It’s a concept Mario has been developing for fifteen years, but one that’s still brand new on the scene in terms of awareness and understanding. We’re excited for you all to hear the studies that they've done with people, and with plants, that prove how structured water affects your light body, as well as your ability to grow, thrive and be vibrant.

In addition to the technology, we talk a lot about the state of water today, access to structured water around the world, and what Mario sees as the future of water – and life as we know it.

If you’re interested in using the Analemma Wand yourself, visit coherent-water.com and use the code ALMOST30 for 15% off.

We also talk about:
  • Why the focus on water?
  • Basics of the Analemma Wand
  • Biophoton research with structured water
  • Glycan age testing
  • The consciousness of water
  • Using the Analemma Wand
  • Providing coherent water to the masses
  • Incoherent water of the world
  • Water’s impact on mental health
  • Reverence and ritual
  • Positive vs. negative energy of water
  • Containers and an at-home experiment
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