556. Decoding Your Gene Keys and Playing in a Vibrational Reality with Blu


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Journey through the eyes of modern mystic, Blu – motivational speaker, artist, musician, and entrepreneur – as she opens her heart and mind to our community, sharing her personal path from hearing loss to unlocking her soul’s true potential.

With the course of her entire life shifted, she was ultimately guided into a deeper understanding of herself. Through the use of techniques, learned over the past decade, she's now devoted to helping others. Harnessing tools like Gene Keys (a treasure map into your DNA) and Florescence (a Modern Mystery School for women), she focuses on beauty, love, unity, and discovering your higher purpose.

Her unique energy inspires us to inject spontaneity and joy into the everyday mundane, helping us to unlock our divine potential and embody a life of absolute magic!

We also talk about:
  • Unlocking your divine purpose
  • Discerning the vibrational energy of words
  • Tapping into the frequency of magic
  • Restructuring your DNA
  • Engineering your internal conversation
  • The divine responsibility of leaving a legacy
  • Social media and the rise of disempowering conversations
  • Being a voice for those without a platform
  • Action steps to shifting narrative paradigms
  • Playing in a vibrational reality
  • Bringing lightness back to the narrative of spirituality


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