S5: E1 YelloPain on Real Government Influence, Men's Sexual Behavior, 80s Crack Epidemic


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Known for his viral hits My Vote Don’t Count, Monsters, and Graduation; and featured on Oprah, Steve Harvey, ET, The Real, and more––YelloPain has received millions of views, with celebrity fans sharing his videos including Sharon Stone, Viola Davis, Jermaine Dupri, and others. Earlier this year he returned with an all-new EP, executive produced by DJ Mannie Fresh: Images. He also released a new music video, "The Last Days", which speaks to the current war and global crisis in Ukraine, and the impacts of the past two years that we have been feeling here at home.

Yello’s upcoming documentary film will be the first step in significantly increasing minority and youth participation in midterm elections in years to come, as it simplifies the voting process for a younger generation. This informative, yet entertaining film project takes the power out of the president's hands. It equally balances the power throughout every branch, at every level of government in a way that young adults and even children will understand. It reimagines government in a way that we all wish we would have learned in school, and is an attempt to raise a politically aware generation of people.

His goal is to explain not only the importance of voting, but exactly why it is absolutely imperative that it happens.

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