The Future of Interactive Video -- Chris Roebuck (Founder & CEO, Clicktivated)


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Chris Roebuck is the Founder & CEO of Clicktivated, an interactive video technology that connects video and commerce. Chris started his career on the agency side before launching his first startup in early 2010. After spending 4 years developing mobile applications, Chris founded Clicktivated in October 2013.

In this episode, we discuss the future of interactive video technology. Chris shares his early experience building mobile apps in both the U.S. and Brazil to help drive foot traffic to retail stores. We also examine the recent Kuaishou IPO and why China may or may not serve as a leading indicator for shoppable video growth in the West. Finally, Chris predicts that content experiences will become more personalized to the user, and we explore the overall trend toward user pay and e-commerce and away from interruptive advertising.

Host: James Creech


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