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Mehul Anjara is a man of many talents. He's a forensic DNA analyst with years of experience, he's lived all over the US, he has an MBA, hence his practice name MBA DNA Consulting, and now helps prepare criminal defendants and their lawyers on casework! Yes, he's busy!
In part 1 Jared and Mehul discuss how DNA has changed since the early 1990s when Mehul first entered the field, and how he has adapted his consultancy business to meet the needs of his clients as well as the ever changing technology and crime lab capabilities.
In part 2 they discuss the DNA process from collection at the crime scene all the way to the interpretation at the end and what that can mean for an investigation. Every step is critical and just as important as the others!
To learn more about Mehul, check out his website here!
All Things Crime is a new, comprehensive video series that will explore every aspect of crime and the ensuing investigation, one video interview at a time. The host, Jared Bradley, is the President of M-Vac Systems, which is a wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection system, and has experience traveling the world training all levels of law enforcement and crime lab DNA analysts in using the M-Vac to help solve crime. Along the way he has met people from all walks of life and experience in investigating crimes, so is putting that knowledge to use in another way by sharing it in these videos.
If you are interested in more videos about the M-Vac, DNA and investigations, also check out the M-Vac's channel @
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