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All Things Crime is a new, comprehensive podcast series that will explore every aspect of crime and the ensuing investigation, one interview at a time. Host, Jared Bradley, discusses securing the crime scene, scouring the scene for evidence, putting together the crime, DNA evidence, homicide, rape, assault, murder, serial killings, lab technologies, fingerprint powder and other crime scene mainstays, defense and prosecution and even some wrongful convictions. Jared is also the President of M-Vac Systems, which is a wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection system, and has experience traveling the world training all levels of law enforcement and crime lab DNA analysts in using the M-Vac to help solve crime. Along the way he has met people from all walks of life and experience in investigating crimes, so is putting that knowledge to use in another way by sharing it in these podcasts.For the video version of this podcast visit

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