Who was Dr. Alois Alzheimer?


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Dr. Alois Alzheimer was the man behind the discovery of Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease that wreaks havoc on seniors, and some younger than that. This condition, discovered by the tangles in the brain along with other symptoms, was a remarkable discovery at the time.

However, Dr. Alzheimer was not always taken seriously with his research, and this marked discovery actually was dismissed by the other psychiatrists at the facility he worked at.

So how did it come to be? How did this discovery shape the world of geriatric medicine, and how did it pave the way for discovering the makeup of Alzheimer’s and how does that help us better understand this today?

This episode will take a deeper look into the life of the man behind it all, the psychiatrist that discovered this condition, and at the end of this episode, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this man’s life, and how his discovery came to be.

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