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On the forty-seventh episode of All Heart with Paul Cardall, Paul is joined by actress Aimee Stolte who left a successful business career in Vancouver, Canada to pursue Acting. Paul and Aimee talk about the dramatic shift that led her to Los Angeles where she began to get roles in a variety of projects from the SyFy Channel’s original film Megalodon and other films where she eventually met her husband and director Dante Moore. He directed Aimee in his horror film series, Fear Pharm. Born in a conservative Christian home, Aimee and Paul joke about not being able to watch a lot of scary movies. They talk about the need for children, particularly teenagers, to be able to explore their gifts and develop these gifts into talents, even if those around them believe it is strange or unproductive.

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Aimee Stolte

Born in Buffalo, NY. Moved to Saskatoon, SK, Canada in the late 80's for my Dad's work with the Navigators (Christian Ministry Organization). She grew up with one brother and two sisters. Aimee took some acting when she was younger, but couldn't sing, still can't, so high school musicals were out of the question. She did what she could in drama class and in smaller high school plays. She always had a love of film, and theatre, and the constant in her mind was acting. Unfortunately, she was always under the impression (or conditioning of society) it's unrealistic and not a worthwhile pursuit. She received a Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing and moved to Vancouver, BC.

She said, "I had what was a solid and good life. I had a great job, I had great friends, I loved the beauty of Vancouver. But I was deeply unsatisfied inside. I started reading a book a friend gave me about finding purpose. It has the reader ask themselves "if money wasn't an issue, what would you do?" The first thing I heard in my head was "ACT". And I thought " uh oh. That's not good." That's a scary thought, I was aware of the pitfalls of that journey and was terrified ~ I had talked myself out of it so many times. I decided to see what it may mean to me, and if it was legit in my heart. I took my first adult acting class. No going back. I felt so compelled inside. Like a fire that ignited and I couldn't put out. I found myself surrounded with people who had similar hearts. So I just continued that path with no expectations. A few months later, I was cast in my first play. A few months after that, an agent contacted me. I remember thinking " I can't have an agent, I have a full time career. But I'll take the meeting and just see where God leads me." The very next day, the day before my agent meeting, I was laid off. They were ending the position. They generously offered me other positions in the company to which I declined. I felt freed. I knew I was freed. I signed with that agent."

She continued, "A year or so later I made the move to Los Angeles. I have not and will not stop pursuing this. It's something I can't turn off even though sometimes I've tried (good old dark nights of the soul!). "

Aimee has two upcoming projects, one that is an action adventure filming here in Los Angeles, and one that is a political action drama filming in Philadelphia next month.

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