20. Hearing Loss & Identity


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On episode 20 of All Ears at Child’s Voice, Tatum and Wendy are joined by Dr. Michele Friedner, a social and medical anthropologist from The University of Chicago. On today’s episode, Tatum and Wendy talk to Dr. Friedner about the language professionals and families use when describing hearing loss, hearing technology, and disability and how that language represents as well as shapes the identities of children with hearing loss and children who use cochlear implants. - Find us @childs_voice, @tatumfritzSLP, @wendydetersSLP, @ms_elise_sunshine. Email us at podcast@childsvoice.org. Follow along with the episode transcript and find episode show notes at childsvoice.org/podcast. - [Child's Voice is a listening and spoken language program for children with hearing loss. Views expressed on the show, both by the guest and by the hosts, may not necessarily represent the views of Child's Voice.]

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