15. A Mother-Daughter Spotlight


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On episode 15 of All Ears at Child’s Voice: A Hearing Loss Podcast, Tatum and Wendy interview Julie and her daughter, Clara, about their experience with Clara’s hearing loss. Clara uses bilateral cochlear implants and is a graduate of Child’s Voice. She recently graduated from high school and, at the time of the recording, was preparing for her upcoming transition to college as a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne. Clara talks about graduating from high school and preparing for her upcoming transition to college. Julie shares her perspective as a parent of a child with hearing loss. Special thanks to Cochlear Americas for helping to coordinate this episode by putting the podcast in touch with Julie and Clara. - On the episode, Clara and Julie share about their experience with the manufacturing company of Clara's cochlear implants, Cochlear Americas. All Ears at Child's Voice does not promote any specific product mentioned on the show. If you have questions about selecting a manufacturer when considering a cochlear implant, please talk with your team and especially your audiologist. Information on all three cochlear implant manufacturers (Cochlear, MED-EL, and Advanced Bionics) can be found at their websites, which are listed in the show notes. - Find us @childs_voice, @tatumfritzSLP, @wendydetersSLP, @ms_elise_sunshine. Email us at podcast@childsvoice.org. Follow along with the transcript at childsvoice.org/podcast. - [Child's Voice is a listening and spoken language program for children with hearing loss. Views expressed on the show, both by the guests and by the hosts, may not necessarily represent the views of Child's Voice.]

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