Episode 220: Is Netflix's Seaspiracy Accurate w/Corbin Maxey


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We welcome back our great friend Corbin Maxey from Animals to the Max podcast to discuss the latest Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. We all were moved in different ways by the documentary and were in agreement it brought the depletion of our world's oceans into focus. There is no doubt or argument that our oceanic wildlife are in serious decline. Seaspriracy raised numerous critical issues that needs to be brought to greater light. However, we do raise some concerns about some of the claims made in the documentary and also a perceived hidden agenda. Also, we discuss the horrific killing of dolphins in Taiji, Japan and the inhumane slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands. Both were graphic scenes in Seaspiracy and we do discuss why these barbaric practices need to end. Overall, we felt the documentary was well worth the time and a must see.

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