AAA 579: The Case of the Yellowing Case - Amazon Fire 7 Tablet, Galaxy Watch 4 gets Assistant, free GSuite


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  • Google backtracks on legacy GSuite account shutdown, won't take user emails.
  • Google puts Tinder ban on hold pending yet another Play Billing lawsuit.
  • End The Google Tax.
  • Epic Games' Bandcamp temporarily wins right to use its own payments system on Google Play.
  • Material You on Android 12 awarded prestigious iF Gold Design Award.
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3: iF Gold Award 2022.
  • Amazon's new Fire 7 tablet finally has a USB-C port.
  • Amazon's updating the foundation of Fire OS to something a bit more modern.
  • Tablet vendor shipments worldwide from 2011 to 2022, by quarter.
  • Pixel 6 owners aren't thrilled with Google's overpriced, yellowing cases.
  • Redmi Note 11T Pro, Pro Plus launched: Flagship-level power for Note line.
  • Google Assistant rolls out to Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 via Play Store.
  • Galaxy Watch4 Users Can Enjoy Google Assistant Starting Today.
  • Google brings Street View history to phones, and introduces "Street View Studio".
  • Street View turns 15 with a new camera and fresh features.
  • New YouTube feature lets you jump straight to the best part.
  • A fan comparison of Wear OS to WatchOS.
  • This is my Smart Glasses wishlist.
  • Do Amazon's apps offer eBook and Audiobook purchasing on Fire Tablets?

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