AAA 547: All About Pixels - Pixel 6 Pro hands-on, Real Tone, Assistant Voice Typing, Direct My Call, Pixel Pass


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  • Pixel 6 Hands-on.
  • Pixel 6 Pro Hands-on.
  • Google says Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro stick with 3 years of major OS updates, 5 years of security.
  • It's not just you, the Google Store is struggling amid Pixel 6 launch, Google working on a fix.
  • Real Tone is Google's attempt at a more inclusive Android camera.
  • Google's Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro finally bring new camera hardware in addition to software.
  • Say hello to better phone calls.
  • New 'Assistant voice typing' in Gboard lets you dictate, edit text hands-free.
  • Pixel 6 can 'Live Translate' your messages, images, and transcribed audio locally.
  • Snapchat says the Pixel 6 is 'the fastest phone to make a Snap'.
  • Android 12 is now available for Pixel phones.
  • Android 12 Beta Program will continue with unspecified updates starting in December.
  • Google launches the new Pixel Stand.
  • Google's 30W charger for Pixel 6 is a $25 add-on, Pixel Stand sequel is delayed.
  • Pixel Pass bundles smartphone upgrades w/ protection, YT Premium, more from $45/month.
  • HP X2 11 Chromebook review.
  • The Catch 22 for Foldables and supported apps.
  • A video review of Beeper.

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