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Amy is such an inspiring person who has a very rich story. She is a Jazz musician who also ventures into different music genres. Currently, she is in the business of voice artistry and loves it! She pulled her strength and courage from her family and believed that all things are possible.

We are in so much of how she tells us her life story and how she has blossomed and uses her voice in different ways but always in an expression of her unapologetic self.

Here’s what was covered in this episode:

  • Getting back from depression through music
  • Auditioning as a voice artist
  • Working as a voice talent with flying colors
  • Being who you are in social media
  • Power of her voice

Guest Bio:

Amy is a Voice Over Artist, Singer, Presenter, a Winner of the “Accelerator Award”. She inspires people to communicate their vision with her voice & unique story!

Born in South Wales, UK, Amy, the youngest of three sisters, was submerged in music from an early age. She entered her first talent contest aged six, singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, terrifying moments as she could barely reach the microphone. However, this also marked the beginning of her love of music and performance. Inspired by such a musical upbringing, Amy studied classical piano and singing, but also developed an intimate love affair with Jazz in her teens. A difficult and mature genre that touched Amy very deeply. Possibly because the complexity of this style reflected the events that were occurring in her life during the initial stages of her newfound developing passion.

Amy experienced some rare medical conditions in her early years, being declared as being one out of only 5 children like her in the U.K at the time. She had developed cataracts in both her eyes leaving her almost blind, and then diagnosed with a rare nerve condition which meant she was unable to feel hot, cold, or superficial pain. Due to this nerve condition, she also developed Osteoarthritis leaving her almost wheelchair-bound and causing her growth to stop completely.

The ongoing traumas of her early childhood inevitably played a major role in suppressing Amy’s confidence throughout her life, especially being so short during an age when all a child wants to do is “fit in”, and certainly not stand out because they looked so different.

In what Amy describes as a ‘lightbulb’ moment surrounding her emotions, Amy attended Gorseinon College where she studied Music and Music Technology A-levels. Amy became coined with the description as “The Jazz Singer” and encouraged to pursue her love of Jazz more seriously, and where she also attended with fellow Classical singer, Katherine Jenkins. With the continuous support of her family and newfound ‘tree’ friends (A story she will most happily explain whenever asked 😊), Amy went on to graduate from Leeds College of Music with a BA (Hons) Degree in Music specializing in Jazz, an achievement that she never dreamed was possible.

Read more about Amy’s story here.

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