The Ease & Flow in Parenting with Marisa Raymond


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From doing yoga, meditation, genetics, and building our values as a family, Marisa gifted us with her time and energy to inspire us with her story and vast knowledge and experience into stepping into the ease and flow of parenting, unapologetically.

Here’s what was covered in this episode:

  • Marisa’s story
  • Yoga & Parenting
  • How genetics helps you map out who you are to design who you want to be
  • Values Building as a Family
  • Set realistic expectations in teaching kids meditation
  • The art or co-parenting
  • Recognizing your own wounds that you’re applying in your parenting

Guest Bio:Marisa Raymond is a Parenting Coach, Family Yoga Teacher, and a Genetic Counselor. She is married to an astronomer who had an offer to work in Bordeaux, France in 2009. She has 2 sons and wears many hats as all parents do. Moving to France with a 2-year-old not knowing the language, the culture, the countries, or anyone at all besides her husband led her to severe burnout. That started her healing journey and the beginning of becoming a parenting coach.

Marisa incorporated Yoga and having fun in self-care into her lifestyle to get her to the ease and flow of parenting.

She now works with parents, individuals, and families to bring more snuggles and fewer struggles in their daily life.

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