Surviving Abuse, Winning at Healing and Breaking Generational Curses Unapologetically with Victoria Martin-Walker


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This episode is such a gift! Hearing Victoria’s survival story has opened the stage for me to share my own sexual abuse experience as well. Victoria’s life story is an entire book of a collection of life lessons that at a very young age, led her to be the amazing coach that she is right now.

This is the most intimate episode I did in my podcast so far. Lean in as we talk about trauma, healing and the power of owning your body back.

Here’s what was covered in this episode:

  • Victoria’s survival story through abuse
  • Healing Journey
  • Suppressing memories as defense mechanism
  • What to do during fight, flight, freeze and fawn response
  • Working with a coach vs. working with a therapist

Guest Bio:

Victoria is a Healing and Relationship Coach who survived domestic abuse and domestic violence.

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