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Ambel was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Condition but that did not stop her from being a Certified Life Coach, a Counselor and a Healing Artist, if anything, her condition allowed her to help others start their healing journey.I am so honoured to be given the chance to hear and share her story.

Here’s what was covered in this episode:

  • The importance of community
  • Amabel’s first memory of colorism
  • The beginning of Amabel’s mental health journey
  • What Bipoloar 1 condition in Amabel’s definition
  • Having a Bipolar 1 condition and how it plays in being in a working environment
  • Resources:
    • Peer counseling
    • NAPS - National Association of Peer Supporters
    • NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

Guest Bio:

Amabel helps her clients overcome limiting beliefs & bull$hit

conditioning to live unapologetically authentic lives.

Amabel is a multi-passionate, integrative healing artist,

mental health activist/advocate, speaker, writer, & certified

holistic life coach. She specializes in empowerment

and advocacy for for her clients with a person-centered,

trauma-informed approach.

What sets Amabel apart from other coaches?

Her fierce advocacy for her clients to remember their true

essence & her gift of holding immaculate space.

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Links & References:

Ambel’s Community: BIPOC Mental Health Forum - Black, Indigenous, People of Color

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