Wellness Mama: Are Your Household Products Making You Fat, Depressed & Infertile?


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Did you know that you're exposed to over a hundred harmful chemicals daily? Ironically, some of these potentially toxic chemicals lurk in your "self-care" products. In this episode of the Align Podcast, Katie Wells and I go deep into the endocrine-disrupting effects of plastic chemical exposure from some of your everyday essentials, specifically oral and hair care products and deodorizers.

"What goes on your skin goes into your body," Katie says as she explains how you can nourish your body by from the outside in by being extra conscious of what you put on your skin and hair. There are always better options than the overmarketed products you’re manipulated to buy, and she shares where and how you can naturally source them.

Our conversation gets vulnerable as Katie opens up about her issues with weight and body image that stem from a deep emotional trauma. She claims that successfully losing 100lbs in 6 months isn't just about sticking to a workout routine; it's about revisiting her past wounds and choosing to heal from them, no matter what it takes.

Katie Wells is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and a mom of six. She’s the host of the podcast “Wellness Mama” and the founder and CEO of Wellnesse. With her background in research, journalism, and nutrition, she teams up with medical advisors to find answers to essential health problems and help women and moms live a healthier life.

If want to live a more eco-conscious and purposeful life for you and your family but can’t commit to it, this episode will make you realize it’s easier than you think.

What we discuss:

0:00 – Introduction to Katie Wells

3:00 – On learning comedy: "It's like playing a mental chess"

5:00 – The endocrine-disruptors lurking everywhere in your home

12:05 – Simple tips for minimizing plastic use and toxin exposure

17:00 – How your skin and hair products affect your overall health

24:00 – Why keeping your microbiome healthy isn’t as expensive as you expect

30:00 – Why weight loss involves trauma work

35:00 – The root of her body and weight issues + how she overcame them

44:00 – Practical tips for becoming a healthier human

53:00 – Katie’s advice: Be your own primary healthcare provider; take responsibility for your own health.

Learn more from Katie Wells:

Websites: wellnessmama.com wellnesse.com

Instagram: @wellnessmama

Katie Wells’ books: wellnessmama.com/books

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