Cameron Shayne: Spiritual Vs. Materialistic Martial Art, Redefining Success + Why We’re Only As Important As A Worm


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How do you measure success? Is it through the high, thundering reputation you build for yourself or the lasting inner peace nobody can steal from you?

In this episode of the Align Podcast, Budokon Founder Cameron Shayne and I share a high-level discussion on what it means to be a well-balanced human being in our materialistic culture. He offers a refreshing view on success and explains why you shouldn't aim for superiority over fellow beings and instead strive for unity, harmony, peace, and compassion. As we also discuss gender identity crisis, overpopulation, the "fractionalizing" popular culture, racism, and same-sex marriage, we highlight how movement carves our path toward collective progress and why we need more of it.

Considered the father of the mixed movement arts culture, Cameron Shayne pioneered the phrase and concept of Budokon Mixed Movement Arts. He has spent 25+ years studying and teaching yoga and movement to hundreds of people worldwide.

What we discuss:

0:00 - Introduction to Cameron Shayne

5:00 - Materialistic Vs. Spiritual Martial Art

7:55 - How do you define success?

15:00 - The connection between movement & thinking & the case of Stephen Hawking

27:05 - How to move more consciously & with less contradiction in your body

35:00 - The ultimate measure of success

41:00 - Compelling views on gender identity crisis, sexuality, popular culture, & overpopulation

58:00 - Why we need to practice the great Morihei Ueshiba's teachings today

1:16:00 - How movement & martial arts can keep us from destroying ourselves & the planet

1:22:50 - The danger of having too much self-importance

1:31:00 - When can we consider ourselves a racist & how to be more aware of it

1:37:00 - Cameron's advice: Develop your intuition. Move intuitively, eat intuitively, think intuitively.

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Instagram: @cameronshayne

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