Jonathan Fields: How to Beat Burn Out and Perform at Your Best


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20-50% of people quit their jobs without knowing what to do next. Are you one of them?

In a world of uncertainties, finding the thing that lights us up gets more difficult each day. Most of us are burnt out, dragging ourselves to work for the paycheck, status, benefits, and prestige until we wake up 10 or 20 years later wondering what it was all for.

How do we show up better in life and keep our sense of purpose?

Jonathan Fields offers the tools and strategies we're looking for! Here, he talks about what defines a good life, where to find meaning despite uncertainties, and how to cultivate a still mindset to embody a more peaceful and productive inner state.

Jonathan is the host of the top-rated podcast, Good Life Project. After years of researching what sparks people's motivation, he came up with a system that identifies people into 10 different Sparketypes. Among his greatest discovery is this: aligning our work with our Sparketype leads to a higher sense of fulfillment and renewed quality of life. Find out more about the Sparketypes in Jonathan’s new book, "SPARKED, Discover Your Unique Imprint For Work That Makes You Come Alive."

What we discuss:

3:13 - Realizations on Good Life Project's transition into remote production

11:55 - Navigating uncertainties in a changing world

14:15 - How do we find our passion?

16:49 - What it means to live a good life, and Jonathan's inspiration for Good Life Project

19:53 - What are Sparketypes?

25:00 - Why swapping jobs or relationships isn't always the best first step toward a better life

31:00 - The importance of infusing play into our adult life

38:03 - How do we show up better in life, relationships, and at work?

46:28 - How to cultivate a healthy and peaceful mindset to avoid burnout

54:30 - What do we consider as "work,” and how do we find fulfillment from it?

1:02:14 - The algorithim behind the Sparketype Assessment

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