2022MayNo4: IDM, Mix & Mid Era


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  • IDM: older tracks; many not broadcast on my radio show
  • Mix: two sets of different synth styles
  • Mid Era: includes new Pabellón Sintético (Argentina)

TIME ARTIST TRACK RELEASE 0:00:00 IDM set 0:00:00 Abfahrt Hinwil planquadrat Links Berge Rechts Seen 0:03:44 Ocoeur overclocked Les hommes ne savent... 0:08:40 Insight cicada rock The Next Ting 0:14:54 Organoid scandinavia Spectral Theory 0:18:20 Anthony Baldino drifting further Twelve Twenty Two 0:24:47 Crisopa fast dive Transhumante 0:28:44 [break] Mix 1 0:31:12 Jack Haberfield juniper trees Origins EP 0:36:32 Scann-Tec snova | snova Unyt 0:42:56 Popkomm singular dreamer Where We Meet 0:49:10 Atomic Skunk flying spiders... Binary Scenes 0:54:43 Afion mondian Insomnia Dreams 0:57:55 [break] Mix 2 0:59:34 ASC coriolis effect Artefacts of Rotation 1:06:43 Holon polyspace Augmented Reality 1:12:10 Reii 3 in the shade 3 In The Shade 1:22:11 Klute crosby No One's Listening... 1:28:49 [break] Mid Era 1:30:25 Brioskj ghibli Pyramids 1:35:00 Mark Strain midnight Haunting Memories II 1:38:56 Pabellón Sintético walk along the river ...Building An Orange 1:45:48 FSP/Pollard/Hasht exodus (excerpt) Time Out Of Mind

  • Keywords:
  • International electronic music
  • internet electronic artists
  • unsigned electronic artists
  • Low Orbit Satellite
  • Ambient
  • Tribal
  • Trance
  • PsyTrance
  • Ethno/PsyTrance
  • IDM
  • Nonima
  • Dub Step
  • Mid Era
  • Berlin School

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