2022MayNo3: Exp, BoP & Mid Era


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  • Experimental: includes the latest from Path Of Silence (Serbia)
  • Birds ov Paradise: set by Swedish artist covering several of his releases
  • Mid Era: new Elkin Sergey (Russia) & older classics from my radio show
TIME ARTIST TRACK RELEASE 0:00:00 ***Intro*** Experimental 0:00:50 HLR pilot wave Realignment 0:10:05 Kurrek The Raven way out Blissmaster 0:12:11 MigloJE pulsa bangnge (excerpt) Perception 0:16:15 Subskan physical (excerpt) Isola Emphasis 0:22:36 Path of Silence dismantle the hologram Ancestral Light 0:31:52 Stephan Whitland waving and drowning Tone Science No. ​5 0:37:40 [break] Birds ov Paradise 0:40:14 Birds ov Paradise tutor Bayou 0:46:28 Birds ov Paradise höga Till Dig 0:52:48 Birds ov Paradise amanda Memorial 0:59:00 Birds ov Paradise osiris Rainmaker 1:05:55 Birds ov Paradise wanderlust Savannah 1:11:00 [break] Mid Era 1:12:36 Alpha Alpha astronaut cowboy 1:16:11 Boris Divider terraformer Surface 1:22:00 Audraulic mountains in the sky Quadrate Patterns 1:31:10 Andrew T. Wilson the beast The Chain Reaction 1:35:14 Wolfgang Bock stop the world Cycles 1:45:35 Elkin Sergey towards the event horizon 1:50:03 Rudź Przemysław asymptotic approach… Back to the Labyrinth 1:59:12 ***Outro***

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  • Mid Era
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