2022JunNo3: Scanner, Symphonic & Ambient


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  • Scanner set: new release by the British artist that's out today on the DiN label
  • Symphonic Rock: various artists from the late 70s & early 80s, once staples in the early days of my radio show
  • Ambient: new Blessed Are The Hearts That Bend (England), Craig Padilla (USA), David Helpling (USA)
TIME ARTIST TRACK RELEASE 0:00:00 Sulkdrugs panorama (excerpt) Clean Variations 0:01:40 ***Intro*** Scanner 0:02:56 Scanner artemovsk The Homeland Of Electricity 0:08:20 Scanner at last it moves The Homeland Of Electricity 0:11:34 Scanner for you and me The Homeland Of Electricity 0:17:14 Scanner air in the air The Homeland Of Electricity 0:21:59 Scanner another aircraft The Homeland Of Electricity 0:27:18 [break] Symphonic Rock 0:29:03 Lito Vitale pueblos y caminos Sobre Miedos... 0:35:35 Exodus stary noe The Most Beauiful Day 0:40:03 Eden Perelandra Perelandra 0:46:25 Shingetsu Oni New Moon 0:55:46 Georges Grunblatt vent d'ether K-Priss 1:04:44 Edhels oriental christmas Oriental Christmas 1:09:01 [break] Ambient 1:11:25 Blessed are ... minor rejoice Sadness Be Damned 1:17:42 Blessed are ... the pines... Sadness Be Damned 1:20:28 Craig Padilla continuum 1 & 2 Discovery of Meaning 1:34:28 Kelly David sentinel Illusive 1:42:48 Wilkerson+Russell unopened doors Dark Measures 1:52:50 David Helpling ...coming home In 1:58:22 ***Outro***

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  • Progressive Rock
  • Art Rock
  • Tribal
  • Trance
  • PsyTrance
  • Ethno/PsyTrance
  • IDM
  • Nonima
  • Dub Step
  • Mid Era
  • Berlin School

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