2022JulyNo5: Totemtag, Realm & IDM


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  • TotemTag set: includes the newest from Italian composer & astrophysicist
  • Realm set: mainly ambient music from Jersey of the Channel Islands
  • IDM: with new SHDWS (Spain) & Karsten Pflum (Denmark)

TIME ARTIST TRACK RELEASE 0:00 ***Intro*** [Totemtag] 0:00 Totemtag missing Defenders 8:43 Totemtag electrovortex Alternate Reality 14:17 Totemtag invisible presences Celestial On Earth 24:15 Totemtag clockwork drone Broken Robots 33:51 Totemtag sequent alpha I Am Machine 41:24 break [Realm] 43:29 Realm oubliette Amarathine 49:52 Realm sea of tranquility Sea Of Tranquility 59:58 Realm gleaming denouement Old Tracks 1:03:50 Realm eidolon Empyrean 1:15:27 Realm mainframe 1:18:15 break [IDM] 1:20:00 SHDWS lessons SHDWS II 1:25:53 Jostronamer rogue Rogue 1:32:35 Carbinax eagle vision Reset 1:39:29 Tobeotozero pad Handshake DNA 1:43:54 Bad Loop pinta Fragments 1:49:30 Banned Book theories Holographic Relationship 1:53:20 Karsten Pflum we'll go at night Camera Obscura 1:55:57 µ-Ziq bentley Scurlage 1:59:07 ***outro***

  • Keywords:
  • International electronic music
  • internet electronic artists
  • unsigned electronic artists
  • Low Orbit Satellite
  • Ambient
  • Symphonic Rock
  • Progressive Rock
  • Art Rock
  • Tribal
  • Trance
  • PsyTrance
  • Ethno/PsyTrance
  • IDM
  • Nonima
  • Dub Step
  • Mid Era
  • Berlin School

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