2022AprNo5: Schulze, Rachiid Paralyzing & Ambient


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  • Klaus Schulze set: a few of his early tracks dedicated to iconic synth artist who died this week.
  • Rachiid Paralyzing: mix set by Columbian tribal synth artist
  • Ambient: downshifting by musicians from Russia, Romania, Austria & Australia

TIME ARTIST TRACK RELEASE 00:00:00 ***Intro*** [Klaus Schulze dedication] 00:01:26 Klaus Schulze Frank Herbert X (revisited) 00:11:50 Klaus Schulze velvet voyage (excerpt) Mirage 00:29:05 Klaus Schulze schrittmacher Eternal-70th Birthday Edition 00:40:22 [break] Rachiid Paralyzing set 00:42:39 Rachiid Paralyzing inteligencia pesimista set 01:22:46 [break] Ambient 01:23:49 Ambidextrous stellar telegraph Fifty Years Of October 01:33:40 Alba Ecstasy cryogenic sleep Endless Space 01:41:48 Fritz Mayr on a winter morning Impressions 01:46:16 Sense 3 songs (forever) 3x333% 01:59:15 ***Outro***

  • Keywords:
  • International electronic music
  • internet electronic artists
  • unsigned electronic artists
  • Low Orbit Satellite
  • Ambient
  • Tribal
  • Trance
  • PsyTrance
  • Ethno/PsyTrance
  • IDM
  • Nonima
  • Dub Step
  • Mid Era
  • Berlin School

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