2022AprNo4: Plant43, IDM & Mid Era


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  • Plant43: set by London artist who ventures into Euro, Ambient & Mid Era styles.
  • IDM: many new discoveries from Illian Tape & Leisure System netlabels
  • Mid Era: includes new Thaneco & Romerium (Greece/Holland)

TIME ARTIST TRACK RELEASE 0:00:00 Maps and Diagrams gneiss Alluvium 0:02:26 ***Intro*** 0:02:59 Plant43 hydraulic machines Storm Control 0:09:28 Plant43 cavernous bones Scars Of Intransigence 0:15:00 Plant43 perfect ruin Sublunar Tides 0:18:00 Plant43 dream archive Density Wave 0:24:18 Plant43 ashen incap Mycology 2 0:30:05 Plant43 the silent flock Interlinked 0:35:50 Plant43 clonal colonies Metabolic Dormancy 0:37:59 Plant43 gravitational collapse Burning Decay 0:45:06 [break] IDM 0:46:43 Skee Mask rdvendub Pool 0:52:46 Barker e7-e5 Barker002 0:58:45 Cialyn in from the cold In From The Cold 1:03:35 Surgeon place of angels Europa Code 1:10:35 BLN tribe Rewired Reworked 1 1:14:30 mōshonsensu attend. one's thoughts kanjō no nami 1:18:30 JakoJako viridis Lux 1:24:21 [break] Mod Era 1:26:51 Thaneco+Romerium mystery of dark matter Dark Force 1:35:10 Shinpal true river Blue Stories 1:39:35 Javi Cánovas expulsion (excerpt) Dead End 1:53:15 Tryr foll Agar 1:58:35 ***Outro***

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  • International electronic music
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  • Ambient
  • Tribal
  • Trance
  • PsyTance
  • Ethno/PsyTrance
  • IDM
  • Nonima
  • Dub Step
  • Mid Era
  • Berlin School

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