Periods 101: how to have a painless cycle, why PMS isn't normal & the worst thing you can do for your hormones 😮


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Today I chat with the incredibly informative Beyar sisters.
Carly, Alaina, and Julie Beyar are the founders of Balanced Beyars Health and the Power of Periodization program. They are three sisters who went from being overactive collegiate soccer players to self-proclaimed "Hormone Hype Girls" & women's health educators. They are on a mission to get you HYPED about predictable periods & living in alignment with the 4 phases of your cycle.
The Beyar girls are certified IIN Holistic Health Coaches & Hormone Health Coaches, certified ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialists, certified NASM Personal Trainers, and FEMM Fertility Awareness Educators in-training. Their ultimate goal is to make it fun for menstruators to cultivate a hormone-happy lifestyle that allows them to feel a deep partnership with their cyclical bodies, 100% of the time.
The Balanced Beyars also pride themselves on sharing their goofy, imperfect lives on social media, touching on their individual journeys to best support their cycles on a daily basis.
Power of Periodization program (2022 Wait list) - (Open March 1, 2022)
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