527. Friendship Fest with Emma Bates & Laura Thweatt


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"Some of my closest friendships are with women I compete against. So when I see them do the things that they’re doing, it truly makes me believe even more in myself in terms of what’s possible for me."

Welcome to Friendship Fest, Season 2! This seven-week series is all about celebrating friendship on the run. We'll hear from some of our favorite running buddies — from the pros to the everyday runners — about how they met, the role running plays in their friendship, and what big goals and dreams they share for the future.

We're kicking off Season 2 of this series with Boulder-based besties and professional marathoners Laura Thweatt and Emma Bates. They share the story of their first meeting in 2019 ("I decided then and there that Emma Bates was my girl crush," recalls Laura), they talk about how their friendship progressed, and they talk about their time training together as members of Team Boss (which Laura has since left — with Emma's support, of course). Lots of laughter, lots of awwwwws, and lots of inspiration about how best to show up for the important people in your life.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • The extended warm-up round (2:20)
  • Emma talks about the first time she met Laura (18:50)
  • The art of adult female friendships (23:20)
  • Laura’s decision to leave Team Boss — and Emma’s reaction, after having just joined the team (32:00)
  • Laura recaps her recent win in the citizen’s division at the Bolder Boulder 10K (39:40)
  • How Emma is feeling heading into World Championships next month (51:30)
  • All about that post-marathon trip to Hawaii with Molly Seidel (1:01:15)
  • What Laura and Emma are each like when the other is racing (1:08:20)
  • Laura and Emma share the moments when they each felt most proud of their friend (1:11:50)

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