(#18) My Rituals Before I Start Work


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Most Entrepreneuresses and Women in Biz have a morning routine, which can look like anything from journaling, meditation, exercise, matcha lattes, intention setting for the week, Tapping, and other mindset/energy work.

While I love doing a mixture of those things, depending on how I am feeling or in the mood for, there is one thing I LOVE to do before I actually sit down at my desk and start work.

In this episode I share with you the rituals I do before I start work.

This is all about the little things I do to create the space, energy and intention for my day.

I guess you could say it comes from when I was working as a therapist and creating and setting the treatment space before my first client.

While I mainly see people online these days, or at a sound bath class, this ritual is still important to me.

In this episode I go through:

  • Why I do this and the importance of it.
  • What my ritual consists of.
  • What you can try yourself
  • What you can do yourself to as a ritual.

Let me know what you do. DO you have a ritual for each day you start work?

Send me a pic on Instagram @annafhastie and show me what you do!

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