207. Lessons in Money | The Games of the Rich


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A common misconception of the “Rich” is that they are all CEOs of huge companies that seem to have an infinite supply of money. But that’s not necessarily true - the “Rich” aren’t always who you think. What about the doctor or the lawyer making six figures a year? What do they do with their money?

There are lessons very few people talk about. Lessons in taxes, business, and investments that rival that of entrepreneurs.

When I started investing, I felt like I could never get ahead. I was stuck in my job, I was on that grueling treadmill despite making well over six figures. Which begged the question, why am I stuck? Why are my “investments” not paying off? Why, despite my high income, could I still not free up my time or do more with my life?

Let’s break it down.

Thanks for tuning in everybody.

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