262. AFTH - Patricia Tallman Interview & Living Dead Weekend Recap


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This week, Steve and Dianna had the immense pleasure of having a chat with the ultra-talented Patricia Tallman! Patricia is perhaps best known for her work in the 1990 cult classic Night of The Living Dead as Barbara, the beleaguered heroine. However, some may argue she is best known for her role as Lyta Alexander in the Hugo Award winning series, Babylon 5. Either way, she has been swept into a career that features both Horror and Science Fiction projects.

They chat about all of that, as well as Patricia’s latest project: the free video series, “How To Tame Your Fear Dragon”. Info and sign up can be found here: https://magicalliving.mykajabi.com/httyfd-opt-in

Fans can connect with Pat on her blog www.QuestRetreats.com, her Facebook.com/PatriciaTallmanPage , @Quest.Retreats4Nerds or @Patriciatallman.rocks on Instagram, or on Twitter @patriciatallman. All the links in her Koji page: https://withkoji.com/@Magical_Living

Stick around after the interview to hear Steve and Dianna discuss the AMAZEBALLS time they had attending the annual “Living Dead Weekend” at the Monroeville Mall!

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