Episode 5 - Venezuela (Argenis Angulo)


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Welcome to AGORA RISE your place for international exchange and conversations on freedom and democracy!
In this episode we are going to interview Mr.
Argenis Angulo from Venezuela.
He is a journalist with a masters degree in communication and he has experienced the development of the press-, radio- and TV-landscape in his country first hand for over twenty years.
He will explain the huge challenges journalism is facing in Latin America. But optimistic as he is he will also point out the big opportunities that our current situation makes possible. One of his goals is making people aware of the important issues that lay beyond the purely political sphere, which seem to cover basically all daily news. This way he hopes for society to recognize how all its challenges and actions should revolves around personal responsibility. Especially in an environment of unstable or intransparent rule of law responsibility becomes an essential corner stone - not only for journalists!

Main topics covered in this episode:

  • Responsibility of content creation
  • The role of education when it comes to media
  • How influence of media works in Venezuela

0:00 - Intro
1:33 - Talking about problems or solutions and the situation in Venezuela
8:00 - How to educate people for media issues
10:16 - How responsibility came with Social Media
15:57 - How the media in Venezuela is getting influenced
22:55 - Public media in Venezuela
24:16 - Good practices from Venezuela
26:33 - Journalist in Venezuela - sometimes a dangerous job
29:56 - Why Argenis is a journalist - the mission of education
34:43 - The situation in Venezuela vs Latin America
37:46 - Taking about the positive things like Venezuela as a country worth to travel to

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