Episode 3 - Denmark (Jonas Christoffersen)


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Welcome to AGORA RISE your place for international exchange and conversations on freedom and democracy!
In this epsiode Kilian and Tine went on a virtual journey to Denmark.
There we met Mr Jonas Christoffersen, who is a learned journalist and editor at Denmarks oldest newspaper Berlingske. The many years of his professional career and his current management position has provided him insights into the entire scope of the modern media landscape.
Information literally is his daily work and so he gives us an insight in the specialties about the specialties in Denmark and the craft of journalism.
Main topics covered in this episode:

  • Funding of Media by the state in Denmark
  • What the craft of journalism is about
  • What can you practically do to enhance your media literacy

Chapter Overview:
0:00 - Intro
1:00 - Publical funding of media in Denmark
3:54 - Influence of social media to the media industry
6:54 - How craftmanship of journalism changed
10:37 - The value of credibility and what good journalism is all about
17:28 - Dealing with the mass of information
22:50 - Neutrality vs. transparency and the role of emotions
30:30 - About media education for kids
36:00 - Consequences of the public funding system in Denmark
42:40 - Good practices from Denmark

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