Episode 1 - Finland (Jocka Träskbäck)


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In this episode, Kilian and Tine would like to provide some insight into the situation of fake news and alternative facts in Finland.

For this, we have interviewed Mr. Jocka Träskbäck who has worked in the media industry since 1993. He has been a journalist for the Finnish broadcasting companies YLE and MTV3, several radio channels and magazines. In 2000, he founded the website "Stara", which became one of the largest online media platforms in Finland. Träskbäck is also a publisher and entrepreneur involved in several smaller media companies and startups.

Main topics covered in this episode:

  • Media literacy and generational conflicts
  • Influence of the Cold War era on Finish media
  • Social media, politicized media and the role of business models

Chapter Overview:
0:00 - Intro
1:29 - What does media literacy mean
3:25 - Impact of the cold war era
5:58 - Challenges for finish media landscape today
9:55 - Change in the craft of journalism - opinion and politisation
15:05 - Media education vs information bubbles
22:52 - Situation in different age groups
26:39 - Paradoxon of responsibility of media education
27:57 - Alternative media as a business model
30:15 - Good practices from Finland

This podcast is a project by JCI Augsburg (Germany) and was recorded on 6th of January 2021

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