12/19/20: Lauren Heinatz of ComForCare Home Care | DEALING WITH DEMENTIA DURING THE HOLIDAYS | Aging in the Willamette Valley


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Our guest, Lauren Heinatz, is the Transitions Director of ComForCare Home Care, so she knows a lot about making adjustments. On this show, she gives us a lot of tips on how to handle holiday festivities while also dealing with your loved one with dementia. Of course, this year, many families are scaling down their in-person celebrations, but even so, those with dementia can become upset or confused by holiday activities. Lauren shows us how to adjust to meet their needs so that they are included appropriately. A few tips: limit travel, provide them with a quiet room separate from the gathered group, have only a few people visit with them at one time, and most of all, create good memories. Don’t miss this show!

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