Achieving the B Corporation Certification


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Nick Redding, Managing Director of Reddico, joins the show to talk about his organization’s journey to being certified as a B Corporation, or B Corp. As Nick explains, B Corps give as much consideration to their social and environmental impact as they do to their financial returns, and so he starts our conversation off with explaining what this means for Reddico, the process it takes to become eligible and then certified, and what about becoming a B Corp was attractive for his team. We also anchor his new B Corp status to the age of the connected customer, and Nick shares where and how this certification has shown up in his team’s culture, operations, and overall go-to-market strategy—including the impact on marketing, prospecting and setting meetings, and building relationships. We wrap the episode with the long-term context behind Reddico's pursuit of the B Corp certification and that’s it’s actually just the most recent milestone in a much longer series of progressive decisions Nick has made for his organization. He shares his history of challenging the status quo, the types of progressive decisions he’s made for his firm, and what is coming next.

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