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This week on the show Will Gates and Arthur Agee sit down with former semi-pro basketball player, actor and legendary streetball player, The Professor, to explore his Hoop Dreams origin story. Born Grayson Scott Boucher, the Oregon native rose to fame as one of the early stars of the AND1 Mixtape Tour. He has honed his game by playing and training with some of the great NBA ball players and streetball legends like Rafer “Skip to My Lou” Alston. He talks about his days on tour, how he made the team, the cities he was fortunate enough to visit through the tour and the friends he made along the way by being a part of history. Grayson discusses the recent Untold Documentary, the Netflix movie Hustle with Adam Sandler and his new project, Global Hoopers and Layer12 Studio and what the next chapter is in his #hoopdream. Sit back and soak up a little bit of basketball history with Agee & Gates on the Unlearning Network. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and please subscribe now on YouTube. Give us a follow on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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